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Manufacturing of photovoltaic modules

Our photovoltaic module production manufactures high quality and durable solar modules according to customers’ requirements.

With our modern plant equipment we can handle module sizes of up to 2 m in length and 1.4 m in breadth. Our series production ensures high efficiency and low manufacturing costs.

Customers take the advantage of our longstanding experience in this special field of production. On the basis of our technological know-how, we can provide you up-to-date information on high quality products and the performance of new suppliers.

Each fabrication step is carried out on our shop floors. Our scope of performance includes processes such as the stringing of individual cells, laminating, framing, and the classifying of end products.

In our production department, we use our own ml&s and SAP software to ensure traceability of all components.

We ensure not less than 25-year durability
All products are subjected to comprehensive service life, outdoor and climate chamber testing by our customers. PV comparative studies substantiated their quality convincingly. Excellent test results speak for themselves. All in all, the perfect design of all modules guarantees their durability.

We focus on in-process quality inspections to meet the quality requirements of our customers.

The below listed tests are constantly run throughout our production process:
  • peeling tests,
  • cross-linking tests to test the encapsulation material in the module, measurements in percent (together with external partners)
  • peeling tests for foils on the rear side, testing of adhesive forces after laminating,
  • Wet leakage Test, tightness tests for junction boxes,
  • product audits throughout production,
  • goods-in inspections for all materials.