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Control cabinet production
System tests according to customer's specifications
Circuit boards were populated and tested, cables prepared, assembly racks mounted, and OEM-parts delivered. We assemble control cabinets and systems according to your specifications. We make your system working. The control cabinet assembly verifies that your product is fully operative.

Control cabinet assembly includes the following four activities:

  • Development of the control cabinet with EPLAN Electric P8
  • Development and design of mechanic components with ProEngineer 4.0 and AutoCAD
Control cabinet production
  • Setting up of complete systems (installation works and laying of lines)
  • Technical parameters e.g. torques for bolted connections are provided for installation
  • Installation of components with bolted connections
  • Installation of components with rivets, application of detachable Avdel-rivets
  • Lines are installed with screw/bolt, clamp or solder connections
Component testing
  • Completed components are electrically tested for their connection, fit, resistance or other electric characteristics.
System testing
We test your systems according to your specifications.
  • Safety checks for electric products in compliance with DIN VDE 0701, BGV A3 etc.
    (earth wire testing control, testing earth current and high potential test)
  • Preparation of electric and electronic products
  • Function tests
    • System components in system environment
    • System customizing, customized configuration
      • Software download
      • Check with TMN-system (can also be done by the customer)
    • Completeness test with PCB in system environment
  • Endurance run tests
  • Preparation of test reports and archiving