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PCB assembly

PCB testing

Cable preparation

Device production

Factory end test

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PCB testing
We ensure the quality of our products throughout each stage of production with our numerous state-of-the-art- technologies such as AOI(Automated Optical Inspection), AXI (X-ray inspection), ICT (In Circuit Test) and Flying Probe test systems.
Functionality testing
High Voltage (HV) Special Test Systems
  • HV-testing for large electric appliances
  • HV-testing for control cabinets
Special test systems for large electric appliances
  • Product dependent development
  • Appliance testing
  • Endurance tests
  • Acceptance tests
Universal test platform MINI-UTS
  • Universal function test for assembly groups
  • Testing of miniature appliances
Module programming
Lowest costs per module
  • One offline-programming device of the PS Series delivers for several SMT-systems programmed modules
Maximum flexibility
  • As Input- and Output Media Tray, PS Series supports tapes and/or tubes
  • PS Series enables marking and labelling
  • Thanks to its capacity of a few hundred up to ca. thousand programmable modules per month, PS Series can be used according to requirements
Best quality
  • Process control software informs about throughput and output and enables traceability and version control
  • If a module should prove defective, physical damage can be proved by measuring of coplanarity
  • Automated optical inspection
  • Automated test system
  • In Circuit Test
  • Flying Probe Tester
  • X-ray inspection