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Technical service
ml&s also offers its customers a number of technical services. Whether it is a matter of making samples, pre-integration or constructing test apparatuses and equipment: the ml&s service departments are at your disposal. For instance, you want to have your measuring equipment calibrated? ml&s calibration is measurably good. You have PCBs you want tested? ml&s will be happy to do it for you, and you will benefit from our x-ray (AXI) and automatic optical inspection (AOI) equipment as well as from our know-how. We know our way around labelling and marking systems just as we know how to develop packaging for products and shipping.

Talk to our Vice President Technology Robert Sölhof, who will be happy to advise you.
Fon: 03834/810-437 or

Construction of samples
Use our experience already in the design stage, in the manufacture of prototypes and in taking up serial production.
Pre-integration saves 20 to 40% of costs
From years of experience we know that especially the installation and integration of equipment and systems can be difficult for local technical staff to handle. We shall be happy to look after this part for you. And you will save 20 to 40% of service costs.
Construction of test equipment and apparatuses
We will build test apparatuses, adapters for measuring and test equipment, bed-of-nails adapters for ICT and dynamic test equipment. We try out test and measuring equipment once installed and carry out maintenance on electronic equipment.
Calibration: measurably good
ml&s calibration is demonstrably first-rate. It includes all steps from general cleaning through setting calibration seals up to VDE safety tests and calibration certificates.